How to Create a Hyperlink in Excel?

Excel has many features outside its regular mathematical and statistical uses. One of these features is called a hyperlink.

Hyperlinks are essentially linked graphics, pictures, or texts that can take you to that linked location.

The location can be another cell in that same worksheet, another worksheet, another workbook, a word document, pdf, a web page on the internet, etc.

Hyperlinks can be useful in cases where you can’t describe much, and the information is particularly not important in the context you are working however can be helpful to a better understanding.

In this case, you can link that information to where it is located.

So, let’s see how to create a hyperlink in excel.

What is a Hyperlink?

Hyperlinks are essentially shortcuts to a particular location. PDFs, excel files, word documents, or web pages are located in those locations.

There are multiple variations in the usage of hyperlinks in excel.

How to Create a Hyperlink in Excel?

So, let’s look at how to create a hyperlink in excel one by one.

1# Hyperlinking Process

Hyperlinking can be done in two ways. Right click and go to Link.


You can also do the same by selecting Link from the Insert ribbon.


2# Hyperlinking Texts

You can type any text in a cell and then follow the hyperlinking process to go to Insert Link. In the Insert Link box paste the location link.


If you press ok, you will see that the text is blue and underlined which indicates that the text has been hyperlinked.


3# Hyperlinking Shapes and Textboxes

In the same way, you can hyperlink shapes or textboxes in excel. Just insert a text box or shape from the Insert ribbon and follow the hyperlinking process.

4# Hyperlinking Cells in the Same Worksheet

Follow the hyperlinking process and go to Place in this document. And then type which cell you want to be hyperlinked to.


You can also choose the text you want to display in the hyperlinked cell. Type your preferred text in the Text to Display box.

5# Hyperlinking with Formula

There is also a formula for hyperlinking. The formula is:

HYPERLINK(link_location, [friendly_name])

The first syntax is the address of the location you want to link and in the next syntax, you can type the text you want to display.

Suppose, you want to redirect someone to a website where he or she can know about graphs.

So, you can type the following formula:

=HYPERLINK(“”, “Go here to learn more about graphs”)

Note: Don’t forget to type the location and the friendly name inside the quotation marks (“ “)


So, there you go. You can use this hyperlink feature in excel to redirect visitors in your excel file to relevant and sometimes important locations.

As now you know how to create a hyperlink in excel, you can also tweak the feature and use interesting shapes to your advantage to redirect people to your preferred locations.

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