How to Graph Linear Equations in Excel?

As Microsoft Excel is famous for data analysis and visualization, professionals across many fields use the software to enhance their output.

Excel is not only for statistics and data analysts. As excel has an incredible feature of graphs and charts, the software is widely used in mathematics to graph functions.

So, today let’s see how to graph linear equations in excel.

What is a Linear Equation?

Linear equations are equations of the first order. When an equation consists of one degree and homogeneous variables, it is known as a linear equation.

Linear equations can also be defined for lines in the coordinate system.

For example, y= 3x+1.

The general structure of a linear equation is y=mx+c where m is the slope of the line and c is the constant. X is the independent variable and y is the dependent variable that is subject to the input of x.

If you notice the example, x has a degree of 1 or x has been raised to the power of 1, that’s why it is a linear equation.

Graphs of the linear equation are very popular. They are used in economics, physics, and many other practical scenarios.

One such scenario would be the price determination of a product that has a variable cost of m, and a fixed cost of c.

Price Y will depend on the number of products X.

Graphing the practical scenarios of linear equations helps professionals and policymakers visualize the scenario and implement policies and solutions.

So, let’s see how to graph linear equations in excel.

How to Graph Linear Equations in Excel?

Usually, 10 points or 10 values for x are taken when a linear equation is plotted on graph paper.

So, let’s take the values from 1 to 10 and graph the linear equation, y= 3x+1 in excel.

First, we need to prepare the labels.


Label one column for x and another column for y. For your convenience, you can type the equation at a side so that when you input the formula you don’t make any mistakes.

Now, to get the values for y, type the following formula:



Now, drag the fill handle down to get the rest of the values.


Now, the values are ready to be graphed as a linear equation in excel.

Select the columns of x and y then from the Insert ribbon go to Recommended Charts and select Line Chart with Markers.


Press ok and you will see your linear equation has been graphed.


You can keep the graph as it is, or you can fine-tune your graph.

First, change the chart title to y= 3x+1.


You can add data labels to your graph by right-clicking on the line and then adding Data Labels.


You can also display the linear equation on the graph by adding a trendline.

From the Chart Design ribbon go to Add Chart Element and then linear trendline.


Then right-click on the line and then select Format Trendline.


Now, from the popup menu on the right select Display Equation on Chart and you will see the equation displayed on the graph.


So, there you go now you know how to graph linear equations in excel.


Equations are used to solve various mysteries of the world. Equations give us solutions in practical scenarios. Visualizing them through graphs and charts make our lives easier, faster, and more efficient.

As now you know how to graph linear equations in excel, you can not only excel in class but also solve various practical problems and visualize them.


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