How to Insert Watermark in Excel?

Excel is used by finance, accounting, marketing, and many other professionals all over the world. These professionals work in different organizations and they prepare different reports.

Many organizations require them to insert the company’s logo. Even if the logo isn’t required, inserting different backgrounds may serve the purpose of visual appeal or distinguishing reports for different clients.

So, inserting logos or changing backgrounds by inserting watermarks in excel is a good feature to learn.

So, let’s learn how to insert a watermark in excel.

How to Insert Watermark in Excel?

Inserting a watermark won’t change any formatting or it won’t impact any other visual element that is important for excel. Watermarks are just used for declaring identity or just for beautification purposes.

To insert a watermark in excel first go to the Insert ribbon and select Header & Footer.


After you select the Header & Footer option, you will see that the worksheet automatically has been changed to Page Layout view and you will see three distinct boxes at the top.


Now, to insert the watermark in excel select any of the three boxes. But depending on the selection of your boxes the watermark will be aligned to left, center, or right.

So, if you want the watermark in the center of the excel worksheet, select the middlebox and go to Picture.


You will see a dialogue box. You can either choose a picture from your computer or download it from the web.


After you have chosen a picture, press ok and you will see that &[Picture] is being shown in the middlebox.


This indicates that the watermark has been inserted. Just click away from that box to view the watermark which has been center aligned in the excel worksheet.


If you want to change the page layout, just go to View and select Normal View. You can also change the view from the status bar.


If you go to the normal view, you won’t be able to see the watermark however it is still there and can be viewed from the page layout view.

So, there you go you have inserted a watermark in excel.

Now, if you notice the watermark isn’t quite in the middle of the page. If you want to bring the watermark just put some space before &[Picture].


You can also format the picture or watermark.


You can resize, adjust contrast or brightness, you can also crop the picture from different options.



Inserting a watermark in excel is not a very important feature but surely a useful one. You can now create new backgrounds to make your worksheets more visually appealing. You can also insert your company’s logo if required.

As you now know how to insert watermark in excel, experiment with different designs and pictures, and enjoy.


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