How to Make a Stacked Column Chart in Excel?

In a previous blog, we learned how to insert a clustered column chart in excel.

We have also discussed equations and functions, make Venn Diagrams, Stem and Leaf Plots, Supply and Demand Graphs, Burndown Charts, and many more in Excel.

These are all parts of a broad feature of visualization of data in excel. Graphing helps people grasp the potential impact of the data analysis even more. And excel makes it easy, efficient, and appealing to the eyes.

Today, we are going to learn another graphing technique, which is called the stacked chart. It is very similar to the clustered chart we learned about previously.

So, let’s learn how to make a stacked column chart in excel.

What is a Stacked Column Chart?

A stacked column chart is a variant of a column chart. A stacked chart can also be a variant of a bar chart. Their purpose is the same.

As we have said earlier, stacked, and clustered charts are almost similar.

Stacked charts, like clustered charts, plot multiple data series of one category. The difference is, instead of separating the multiple data points by distinct columns or bars, the columns and bars are stacked on top of each other.

It is very useful when you have to compare multiple categories’ various activities or performances.

So, let’s see how to make a stacked column chart in excel.

Step#1 First Create Categories

You need to set up a table first. Usually, categories are in rows and their activities and performances are in columns.


Here players are the categories and their scores in different matches are the performances.

Step#2 Creating the Chart

Now select the whole table and from the Insert ribbon go to Recommended Charts.


You will see a dialogue box pop up, usually, the stacked chart will be in the recommended section.


However, you can find the stacked column chart Column Charts. The second option is the clustered column chart.


Press ok to get the stacked column chart.

You can edit the chart title and add data labels to get a more clear understanding of the graph.

From the legend, you will find which color indicates which player.


You can also use a stacked bar chart from the Bar options to get the same result. Only this time the bars are horizontal.

You can get the bar chart following the same process mentioned above.



So, there you go your stacked chart is ready in excel.

As now you know how to insert a stacked column chart in excel, you can easily display different categories with multiple data series.


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